Our cold pressed walnut oil is a fantastic product to be used by those who seek a healthier alternative for cooking oils. It is rich in Omega 3 – an essential fatty acid that is linked to promoting a healthier cardiovascular system. For quality assurance, it takes a trained eye to spot the perfect walnut; that is why we take the time to hand select every sourced walnut that goes into our oil. We use advanced technology to bring out the fragrant flavours of the walnut without compromising the nutrient content. Thus, creating a product that emphasizes the simplicity and natural properties of the walnut.

Our oil is selected from high-quality walnuts that are non-genetically modified, free of pesticide residue, and grow in a pollution-free environment.


By using an advanced closed oil press, in combination with low temperature baking, and our signature cold pressing, our product retains maximum nutritional value.


Our clear and transparent walnut oil is a result of having gone through multiple filtration stages that remove any impurities making it suitable for infants.


Compared to hot pressed walnut oil, our cold press walnut oil has a light and delicate taste, which makes it more palatable and absorbable (without inflammation) for infants.